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Tom Styles joins LMCL as a Senior Geotechnical Enginner.  Tom has an honours degree and a PhD from Camborne School of Mines (his doctorate was on numerical modelling of fractured rock slopes).  Since leaving CSM, Tom has worked as a post-doctoral fellow in British Columbia and then upon returning to the UK he has worked for AMC Consultants and Knight Piésold worldwide on numerous open-pit and tailing dam designs.  Tom strengthens our quarrying design capabilities and will assist in LMCL's continued diversification. 

Rupert Wilks joins LMCL as a Senior Engineer.  Rupert graduated from Lancaster University in 1993 with an Environmental Science with Engineering Geology Degree and previously worked for IG Consulting, Encia Consulting and Stratus Environmental.  Rupert's background will help LMCL diversify it's consulting capabilities.

DroneSurv (LMCL) have just taken delivery of their 3rd unmanned aerial system (UAS or 'Drone').  This time it's a quad-copter Matrice from Intelligent UAS in the United States.  It features a FLIR (infra red thermal) camera on an independent 360° gimbal to the 360° gimbal that the optical camera is mounted on.  The Matrice also features ultrasonic anti collision sensors (parking sensors) and will make this an invaluable tool for both close confinement intersections and thermal surveys.  This was purchased and immediately went to the far-east with Adrian Charters and Matt Riley to undertake a specific type of environmental mapping.  If we gain permission from the international law firm that contracted us, we will present our findings at a later date.

Just like buses, after years of continuous employee growth, we lose two in the space of three months!  We cannot wish Jack enough good wishes for his future career in Cemex.  Jack was our 1st 'technical' employee and joined Adrian and Alison working from their home for many years in the early stages of the Company's development.  He joined LMCL as a fresh MSc graduate and leaves after 8 years as a Chartered Geologist and Senior Engineering Geologist. 

It's a fond farewell to Chris Burgess who has been instrumental in developing our Survey business over the last two years as well as providing excellent geological advice to our Clients and geotechnical support to Adrian Wilkinson and Jack Manuel.  We wish Chris every success in his continued career development with Hope CM.

Mike Williams has joined our team as an Engineering Geologist having just completed an MSc in Mining Engineering at Camborne School of Mines (University of Exeter).  Previous to studying at Camborne, Mike worked for 3 years as an Exploration Geologist in the Afar Desert with Stratex International Plc and 1 year as a Graduate Trainee with Aggregate Industries.  Hed had previously received an Integrated Masters in Geology from The University of Leicester.


During the week of 8th - 10th June 2015, DroneSurv were commissioned to undertake a UAV derived photogrammetric survey of the NE Buttress of Gibraltar for Golder Associates.

What was particularly challenging about this project was the CAA imposed flight height of 400 feet (~120m) above take-off location.  This meant that the top of the buttress at 425m would be impossible to photograph and so impossible to model.  It was with great pleasure (and immense relief once the flights were concluded) that DroneSurv was able to obtain a special permission from the Director of Civil Aviation (DCA) in Gibraltar to fly an Extended Visual Line Of Sight (EVLOS) operation to fly to a height of 1,000 feet.  This required the attendance of both our BNUCs certified UAV Pilots (one on the mountain and one at the take-off location at the base of the mountain) and the issuing of a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM).  The flight and the resultant model was a huge success and only possible through thorough planning and diligent execution. The video can be seen under "What we do"/"videos" on this website or on our Youtube Channel at

Land and Minerals Consulting are featured as "Geological Survey Consultants of the Month" in the latest issue of "Business and Industry Today".

We have acquired a new Head Office located in Clevedon just 2 mintues off the M5.  At 1,000 square feet this is more than ample for our current staff and is large enough to enable us to more than triple in size over the next decade.

QuarryDesign's article titled "A Hands Off Approach" describing how we use a combination of the Optech ILRIS-3D-ER LiDAR scanner and the software by InnovMetric and Split Engineering to remotely geologically map and geotechnically characterise rockmasses was printed in The Institute of Quarrying's Quarry Management.

Over the winter months of 2011 / 2012 QuarryDesign presented a series of successful evening Technical Meetings on the use of LiDAR acquired data and geological mapping, geotechnical mapping using Split-Fx and rockfall monitoring.

Three weeks ago (Monday 18th April) the first episode of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” titled “Winter is Coming” was broadcast on Sky Atlantic. This week (2nd May) saw the first images of Castle Black in their third episode titled “Lord Snow”.

QuarryDesign were proud to be one of the sponsors for the 2010 Extractive Industry Geology Conference held in Plymouth between 8th and 11th September 2010.

QuarryDesign has invested in an Optech ILRIS-3D-ER long-range high-definition LiDAR scanner enabling geotechnical face mapping to be undertaken remotely and safely (by obviating the need to approach quarry faces).

QuarryDesign are pleased to announce that Adrian Charters (formerly Geological Manager for Aggregate Industries USA; and prior to that a founding Director of KeyGeosolutions and Geological Manager for Tarmac), will be joining QuarryDesign as Geological Director starting on 1st September 2010.

Jack Manuel, a recent MSc Geotechnical Engineering graduate from Glasgow University, joins Land and Minerals Consulting Limited as it's first additional professional employee.

Land and Minerals Consulting are featured as "Geological Survey Consultants of the Month" in the latest issue of "Business and Industry Today".


Here's the full text of the article that appears on the back page of Issue 280.

 Business and Industry Today is proud to present its Geological Survey Consultants Company of the Month to Land and Mineral Consulting Limited. 

With over 10 years’ experience, Land and Minerals Consulting Limited is a geological and geotechnical consultancy specialising in remote mapping and the acquisition of survey data by terrestrial LiDAR and UAV.  Within the quarrying industry, the company trades as QuarryDesign to promote links with its associated Mineral Planning Consultancy Quarryplan Limited and has just started trading as DroneSurv for its aerial survey work outside of the quarrying industry. 


UAV acquired, photogrammetrically derived Quarry Survey - the image is a screenshot of a 3D model as a textured solid mesh.


Established in 2004, the company was set up by Adrian Wilkinson (Geotechnical Director) who began trading as a consultant with a plan to slowly grow the business. With steady growth over the last 10 years, Land and Minerals Consulting now has a team of 8 Engineering Geologists and Surveyors and caters to a broad range of clients. 

Adrian commented: “We have a team of dedicated Engineering Geologists and Surveyors who are highly experienced in the industry. Unlike our competitors, we carry out the surveys ourselves and collect data in a way that suits the company’s purpose. We process, interpret and present the data in formats our customers can actually use making it easier for them to understand. We have recently invested in new equipment and software to make our work safer and improve data acquisition for clients.”

The use of the UAV was championed by Adrian Charters (Geological Director) who now assumes the role of the Company’s “Air Operations Director”.  In addition a new surveyor with UAV experience has recently joined the team. 

With geologists and surveyors working in potentially dangerous environments and coming into close proximity of heavy plant, high rock faces and soft ground, there needs to be procedures in place to ensure their safety. Land and Mineral Consulting recently reviewed its practices to identify any potentially hazards in their working practices. As a result, the company decided that obtaining rock mass data for safe quarry design and surveying in potentially hazardous areas such as lagoons, tips and stock piles was an area that needed to be investigated further and introduced new technology to ensure the safety of workers.

Adrian explained: “Our project is to use new technology in the form of long range, high definition LiDAR and UAV aerial photogrammetry to enable our surveyors and geologists to work within a quarrying environment in a safer manor. 

“Use of equipment enabled us to significantly reduce the residence time of surveyors and geologists in the quarrying environment. The long range LiDAR can be used frequently from the perimeter of the quarry and the UAV can be taken off from the safety of an observation platform. The quality of the data that we get from these two integrated devices also enables our quarry design criteria to be better because the quality of the data is better. The use of this technology is enabling us to monitor slops and faces and be proactive in dealing with situations before they occur naturally. 

“We have a number of clients that are already using this technology across a range of their quarry sites throughout the UK. We only see this getting wider exposure as more people learn about the capabilities of this equipment. We are committed to not just using this new technology but trying to spot the next new technology as it develops to maintain our ethos of remote and safe geotechnical, geological surveying.”

Following the company’s high end growth, they are looking to expand their customer base from the UK into Europe and have also received enquiries from Canada, Africa and the Middle East. 

In terms of the company’s plans for the future, Adrian concluded: “Our aim is to continue our growth and expand our customer base.  In the last 2 years we have invested in 2 UAV systems and have recently signed for a third. Our main aim is continue to provide outstanding levels of service to all our customers as well as providing the highest standards of safety measures for workers in the quarrying environment.”