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What We Do

Land and Minerals Consulting is an integrated consultancy specialising in remote geological and geotechnical surveying.

We have a team of dedicated Engineering Geologists and Surveyors who are highly experienced in the industry. Unlike our competitors, we carry out the surveys ourselves and collect data in a way that suits the company’s purpose. We process, interpret and present the data in formats our customers can actually use making it easier for them to understand. We have recently invested in new equipment and software to make our work safer and improve data acquisition for clients.

Quarry Designs

Based upon the design criteria coming out of the geotechnical assessments, a detailed quarry development plan is created using the surveying and modelling software LSS.

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Mineral Planning

Quarryplan, our associated mineral planning consultancy, has successfully delivered over 100 mineral planning permissions throughout Britain and Ireland, providing consents for over 200 million tonnes of hardrock and 50 million tonnes of sand and gravel, in addition to numerous coated roadstone plants, concrete batching plants and other ancillary developments.

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Geotechnical Assessments

We have extensive experience of conducting geotechnical assessments and have developed considerable expertise in the collection, processing and analysis of high-quality field data and in the reporting of the geotechnical information that we obtain.  By combining conventional methods of data acquisition with our state-of-the-art remote techniques (UAV and LiDAR) we are able to provide an enhanced service to our customers.

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UAV Surveys

We operate two Geo-Copter UAVs which we use to acquire photographs and videos.  We then process this imagery using a range of sophisticated, specialist software to produce orthorectified aerial photographs, 3D flyovers, ground models (DTMs), stock volumes and other outputs.  We are experts in the geotechnical applications of UAVs and regularly use our systems to compliment our other services.

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Laser Scanning (LiDAR)

QuarryDesign has invested in a long-range high definition laser (LiDAR) scanner from Optech and has additionally purchased bespoke point cloud discontinuity analysis software to enable these data to be safely collected and interpreted.

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3D Visualisations

We create 3D visualisations of buildings, quarries, open-pit mines, coastlines, topography, regional geology and many other types of project.

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Regional Landsearch

We have an extensive library of geological maps and memoirs published by the BGS, GSNI and GSI upon which to base initial desk studies and regional landsearches. 

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Site Investigation Recording

QuarryDesign pride themselves on producing high quality digital photographs of all site investigation samples whether they are 'sonic' samples, test pit samples or even  'quarry shot rig' chipping samples. 

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Ground Penetrating Radar

We utilise the latest ground penetrating or probing Radar (GPR) equipment to assist in the identification of non metallic subterranean utilities and geological features.

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Bespoke Software Development

By providing unique software that has been specifically written to meet your exact requirements our specialists can work with you to improve your workflow and extract valuable information from your data.

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