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Quarries regulations are are now in force across the whole of the UK and Ireland.  Our experts can assist quarry operators in complying with these regulations.
The relevant regulations and approved codes of practice or guidance documents can be found via our links page to the HSE, HSENI and HSA.
In summary, the current regulations are:
  •      The Quarries Regulations 1999
  •      The Quarries Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006
  •      Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Quarries) Regulations 2008

QuarryDesign are able to: 

  • Create Quarry Designs (including excavation designs, tip designs and lagoon designs) to satisfy Regulation 30 (UK), Regulation 24 (NI) and Regulation 52 (RoI)

  • Assist in your writing of Excavation and Tip Rules in respect of Regulation 31 (UK), Regulation 25 (NI) and Regulation 53 (RoI)

  • Undertake Appraisals of Excavations and Tips and, where required, undertake Geotechnical Assessments as per Regulations 32 and 33 (UK), Regulations 26 and 27 (NI) and Regulations 54 and 55 (RoI).