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UAV Services

Our UAV, UAS and drone services.

  • UAV Surveys

    We operate two Geo-Copter UAVs which we use to acquire photographs and videos.  We then process this imagery using a range of sophisticated, specialist software to produce orthorectified aerial photographs, 3D flyovers, ground models (DTMs), stock volumes and other outputs.  We are experts in the geotechnical applications of UAVs and regularly use our systems to compliment our other services.

  • 3D Visualisations

    We create 3D visualisations of buildings, quarries, open-pit mines, coastlines, topography, regional geology and many other types of project.

  • Stockpile Volumes

    We provide regular stockpile volume surveys using a combination of conventional, LiDAR and UAV techniques.

  • Topographical Surveys

  • Aerial Photography

  • Safe, efficient surveying

    Land and Minerals Consulting are featured as "Geological Survey Consultants of the Month" in the latest issue of "Business and Industry Today".

  • Building Condition Inspection