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Geological Services

Our geological and resource services.

  • Regional Landsearch

    We have an extensive library of geological maps and memoirs published by the BGS, GSNI and GSI upon which to base initial desk studies and regional landsearches. 

  • Site Investigation Techniques

    QuarryDesign  have supervised exploration drilling using a wide variety of drilling  techniques to investigate potential aggregate deposits.

  • Mineral Quality Assessment

    QuarryDesign's experience enables us to arrange the physical or chemical testing of samples to assess the aggregate's quality.

  • Mineral Reserves Reporting

  • Bespoke Software Development

    By providing unique software that has been specifically written to meet your exact requirements our specialists can work with you to improve your workflow and extract valuable information from your data.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar

    We utilise the latest ground penetrating or probing Radar (GPR) equipment to assist in the identification of non metallic subterranean utilities and geological features.
  • Geophysical Surveys

    We use electrical conductivity (EM), electrical resistivity and Ground Penetrating Radar geophysical techniques for site investigations.

  • Mineral Planning

    Quarryplan, our associated mineral planning consultancy, has successfully delivered over 100 mineral planning permissions throughout Britain and Ireland, providing consents for over 200 million tonnes of hardrock and 50 million tonnes of sand and gravel, in addition to numerous coated roadstone plants, concrete batching plants and other ancillary developments.